Annoying Phrases

Let’s get something straight..everyone, in some form or fashion, says at least one thing that really gets under the skin of others.  There are, however, a few phrases that should be quickly removed from everyone’s vernacular.  They are as follows…

1) Ending a sentence with, “I’m just sayin.”  Really?  We had no idea that you were saying something that just came out of your mouth!  The foundation of saying something is..wait for it…saying something.

2) “Kids these days are…” which is inevitably followed by some descriptor that immediately signifies how old the complaining party is.  I’m only 32 years old and have repeatedly heard people in my age group say this!  You’re not a grandpa!  If you can’t adapt to things around you, then life will be very boring.  Start adapting!  Kids aren’t doing anything radically different from what they did 30, 40, or even 50 years ago.  More of it just ends up on tv or the internet now.

3)  “I’m going to call the law on you!”  Go ahead.  Pick up the phone and try to call a set of books, documents, and cases.  They won’t answer.

4) “I’m voting for [insert candidate’s name] because my dad, grandpa, and great grandpa did!”  Really!?  Do you honestly feel that ungrateful towards your right to vote that you won’t take a few minutes and research what that candidate and his or her opponents are actually representing?  The same could be said for people that always vote along party lines and change their views based on what that political party stands for at the time.

5)  “The Detroit Lions have a shot at the Super Bowl this year.”  That will never happen, even little babies have this one figured out.


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A young professional with a plethora of experiences that will unravel into humor, satire, fact, and debate among many. View all posts by skobenland

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